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Thanks for your support - it is much appreciated!  We independent artists are finding that the internet is helping to level the playing field just a little... every CD you buy means a lot to us. If you like, please enjoy listening to a few cuts in my listening room

Secure Online Buying is now available at! 
In Vancouver, BC, to purchase a copy of my CD, Into the Shimmering, please visit one of the following retailers:
Black Swan Records & Tapes    734-2828
3209 W. Broadway, Vancouver

Chapters Books 
  2505 Granville St., Vancouver    731-7822
  788 Robson S., Vancouver      682-4066

Goldy Music Shop    732-4026
3175 W. Broadway, Vancouver 

Highlife Records & Music   251-6964
1317 Commercial Dr., Vancouver

Or for mail orders out of town, 
please contact me by E-mail at:

   Marianne Grittani

   Moonwoman Music