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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! I hope that you are enjoying it, and welcome any letters or comments you want to pass along -- I will try to answer each one as time permits.  

Sadly, this Guestbook has become the target of relentless attacks by miscreants, and so has been disabled briefly. It will return as soon as it has been protected from further abuse.

I would love to keep in touch with you once in a while about upcoming concert, coffee house and club appearances, as well as news about the CD, production of videos and new releases, and any really interesting updates to the web page. If you would like me to keep you informed, please fill in a few details and post them, or send me a private note using the Contact Me button at left.

Leave out whichever lines you wish, but please DO let me know your name. (I do NOT pass this info along to anyone else! Notice that your e-mail address will be altered to frustrate spam list vendors.) If you have e-mail, that is the preferred way for me, but your street address and city will help us plan touring in your area next time. Thanks!

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OR... if your web browser doesn't handle forms well, you can e-mail this info to us as follows.  Hit the "Contact me" button at the left, then come back to this page and copy & paste the following headings all together right into the message window of your e-mail.  Then type in your info, and send it!  It's that easy.

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