Colleen Petersen and me at the very first Home County Folk Festival in London Ontario in 1974 (Obviously - check out the pants!)  Colleen was one of my earliest mentors and a dear friend. I'll never forget the day I got home and she was there in my living room., fresh from her first jaunt to Nashville. She'd come to take me back there with her.

"You've GOT TO come Marianne. You'll love it, they'll love you!!!" she said. Alas, I had a major committment to the coffee house I worked at in London, Ontario called Smales Pace, the spawning ground for Willie P. Bennett, Stan Rogers, Laura Smith and so many more of us. It's 30 years later and Music City is still waiting for me to show up on its doorstep.

Colleen passed away a few years ago and is singing with the angels now I'm sure. Probably teaching them harmony parts. I have her Schubb capo that was passed on to me from Nancy Simmonds via my big sister Jeanette. I've managed to hold onto it longer than any other guitar playing accessory I've ever owned. Hopefully I'll continue to until it's my time to join Colleen in the celestial choir.