Into the Shimmering - Cover Art
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Song Title
Find my way home
Forever is a long long time
750 Kb
1.6 Mb
Three wishes (entire song)
1.4 Mb
2.2 Mb

Technotes from the Webmeister: The song samples are provided here in MP3 Quicktime Movie audio format and should play in any MP3 player, Windows Media Player, or in Quicktime with the right plugin installed in your web browser.  If you wish to install or update the free QuickTime Plugin for Mac or PC, please go to the QuickTime Site   If you have persistent difficulty, please write!!
Internet Connection:  "56K" refers to the speed of the fastest standard telephone line modem connection - the kind you plug in to a regular phone jack.  If you have this type of "dial-up" connection, you may need to wait for a minute or two to hear the song begin.  "Cable" refers to high-speed internet, and also includes ADSL, the high-speed phone company internet service.  With this service, songs should begin playing almost immediately. The larger file sizes shown under "cable" indicate how much longer they would take to download than the "Lo-Fi" on a 56K line - roughly 2 to 3 times as long - but the larger files are in stereo and may be worth the 5-minute wait if you're a patient audiophile! Better yet-- buy a CD. It's really fast, and it sounds great!

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