From the recording Into The Shimmering

I'm Thinkin' of You - 1997 A love song for no one in particular, based on the 'write it and he will come' theory.  And it worked!  The relationship didn't however, but that's another album... 
I fell in love with swing music at guitar camp one year when I took what I affectionately refer to as 'Swing 101'. I was messing with the jazz chords I'd learned and the lyrics just fell out. 
For guitar enthusiasts, the instrument I played on this cut was built by famous Italian inventor/instrument maker Mario Maccaferri. Django Reinhard, a famous Romani (gypsy) guitar player from France, played a guitar that was designed by Maccaferri.  On the eve of the German occupation of France, Maccaferri bought himself passage on the last ship to America. It was there, in the 1950s that he took to building, first ukuleles then guitars, made entirely of plastic which was all the rage at the time.  The ukuleles, all 9 million of them, sold well, thanks to the endorsement of TV show host Arthur Godfrey who played one on his show.  But alas, the guitars did not meet with the same success. A few decades later, a warehouse full of them was discovered in New York and are collectors items today. My producer happened to get his hands on one and it was in the studio at the time of recording.  How could I resist? 


Key of C
Music & Lyrics
M. Grittani

Some of the time the sun shines
Some of the time I’m feelin’ blue
But all of the time, my Darlin’
I’m thinkin’ of you

Some of the time the snow falls
Some of the time flowers bloom
But all of the time, my Darlin’
I’m thinkin’ of you

Now you may not think it’s true
But baby I’m crazy for you
If you have any lingering doubt
Look in my eyes, figure it out

Some of the time skies are cloudy
Some of the time stars shine through
But all of the time my Darlin’
I’m thinkin’ of you
Yes all of the time my Darlin’
I’m thinkin’ of you
Don’t you know
I’m thinkin’ of you