Live videos


One of my Happy Places, besides my garden, is being onstage with my beloved bandmates. Below is a selection of videos I hope you'll enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed playing.

An acoustic concert on Salt Spring Island. 

Featuring Tyler Lieb on guitar, Rose Birney on mandolin and vocals, Bob Delion on bass, Kate Bragg on vocals.  

Video by Dave Vollrath/Living Water Media

Shot at The Hayloft Dancehall in Southern Ontario, opening for The Good Brothers

Left featuring Steve Briggs on guitar

Below - John Prine's 'Paradise' with The Good Brothers

video compliments of Adrianne  Grittani's iphone

Shot at the Salt Spring Island Folk Club opening for Barney Bentall

Brent Shindell on guitar and Dave Roland on bass

Video shot by Peter Prince

Sound by Valdy