1. Terry's Prayer

From the recording Into The Shimmering

Terry's Prayer- Open G. I held the hand of a dear friend through a long, dark and sorrowful winter.  Thought he'd never come out of it.  But come springtime, 'shift' happened and the light shone for him again.


Music & Lyrics
M. Grittani

Will there come a time when I will see
The light in your eye again
Will there come a time when you won’t be
Hauling that heavy load
Will there come a time when you will be
Anything else but blue
When you will be free of the shadow
That’s been hiding you

Will you walk in the sun again
Will your heart ever be whole again
Will you let yourself know again
The heat of a burning desire

Can you see that time spent loving someone
Can never be time gone to waste
Can you believe you will walk once again
In the footprints of grace
Soon will be the night when you will lay yourself down
And sleep the whole night through
And dream a sweet dream of me
Loving you

Listen to me I tell you true
I have all the faith in the world in you
Whichever way this wind blows
Darlin’ know that I love you
Yes I do, you know I do