From the recording Into The Shimmering

Wherever You May Be - I wrote this song for my daughter, Jennifer.  I gave her up for adoption when I was 17 and met her 20 years later.  Turned out she was a musician too, a songwriter, singer and dancer.  Very thrilling for both of us.  Move over Wynonna and Naomi, we thought!  But she lived three thousand miles away and we got to share very little time together. Two years and only 4 visits later, she became severely disabled with progressive Multiple Sclerosis and the future we envisioned was denied us, a loss I will never cease to mourn. 


Music & Lyrics
M. Grittani

Wherever you may be
Lying quietly
Know that I am there
Though you won’t see me

I’ve stopped asking why
There’s no one can tell me why
Why a seed is sown
Only to wither on the vine

Was it written in the stars
Was it a price to be paid
Or does it all just come down
To an untimely choice I made

So many years ago
A lifetime of tears ago
I gazed into your eyes
Held your tiny body close

And now you’re lost to me
A love that never got to be
And my life goes on
With a sorrow as deep as the sea